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Take a look at these five new super queer-friendly dating apps and download the one that most floats your boat. Ever meet Ms. The plusses? A beautiful interface and integration with Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The negative? Dandr Cat people unite! Dandr has taken this cold hard fact to the next logical step by removing the human component from the app completely. You start by uploading clear face and full-body photos of your feline life partner. Next comes a detailed personality profile including dislikes, quirks, catnip preference, and most importantly, whether they like to scratch all the toilet paper off the roll with the flap facing outward or inward.


Underneath a depressing palate of cheap lavender and dreary grey, Brenda does really seem like a sweet, well meaning application. Brenda can boast the awesome honor of being the only lesbian dating app in the app store. In addition to sharing the name of unlikable female television characters everywhere, Brenda struggles with style and utility.

Whatever the reason, Dattch hella snubbed me and I will not forget the insult.

Wow! Autostraddle named me & Eve Peyser’s long-form essay “How to Win Tinder” as of the Best Longreads of — All Written by.

Here are some love horoscopes and sex horoscopes for These 11 sex tech companies will be at CES. A vibrator is again a finalist , this year in the Last Gadget Standing category. A study found that straight people are now more likely to meet their significant other online than in any other way. Are you polyamorous, but not using an polyamory-friendly app? It sucks when you break up but then still have to live with your ex-girlfriend :. Want to share a bed but not hook up? We are still friendly and still sharing a bed, which is a long, clumsy way of saying that we are still hooking up.

She has a nightmare and I hold her. I leave my shoes in the living room and they magically find their way to my closet.

How to use Lex, a queer dating app with no profile photos or cisgender men

Lex is a lo-fi, text-based dating and social app for womxn, trans, genderqueer, two spirit, and non-binary people for meeting lovers and friends. Inspired by old school newspaper personal ads, Lex formerly known as Personals lived on Instagram for years before evolving into an app. Lex —short for lexicon—is the only social app where the text comes first and the selfies, second. Lex adheres to a zero tolerance policy towards creeps: no transphobia, no racism, no fatphobia, no ableism.

No hate speech of any kind.

5 New Dating Apps For Queer Women That Will Change Your Life · 1. ExNay · 2. Dandr · 3. OutCat · 4. MyPie · 5. BullyMatch.

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Get the L Out was resolutely failing to get over it. I just use Tinder and Coffeely to meet rich sugar babyBelow hilarious tweets that yoursquoll relate to if yoursquore totally appfatigued. Why does this matter so much Because lesbians have consistently faced everything from mockery to violence for insisting on boundaries to their sexuality. A lesbian who refuses to consider a trans woman as a sexual partner is guilty of denying that trans womans gender identity.

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But what about the visual aspect of a dating app profile? How do you curate the photos that will make fellow hot queers swipe right on your cute face? Even taking personal tastes into account, there are some basic rules you can follow when choosing photos for your dating profile that will help your online dating life thrive.

Tinder is an app that relies heavily on visuals and so you need to actually include some visuals. That’s why you’re reading this article, right?! I.

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12 queer women share their biggest dating red flags

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Autostraddle online dating. For other dating apps? Do you completely disagree with me? Do you have feelings at all about this topic? A Very Sensible, Queer.

How I found my queer identity online, romantically connected with my partner, and how you can too in six easy steps! But… how do you actually go about planning a trip to meet the faraway queer of your dreams? The world is full of unknown and terrifying possibilities, like accidentally sending a nude to the family group chat because it was the most recent thing on your camera roll. Protect yourself and loved ones against these dangers and more with easy tips!

You have to actually say something in your profile on dating apps! Here is how and how not to do that. Long ago, when trying to flirt with another girl looked kind of like a Sarah Waters novel but without the ghosts and tragedy, we communicated interest through loaded symbols, like giving violets to crushes. Today, we have emoji instead. Your favorite queer Instagram dating account has changed its name to be more inclusive, is creating an app just for you, and is hosting a party in NYC to kickoff its crowdfunding efforts Wednesday night, June 13!

Read our interview with creator Kelly Rakowski for all the hot details!

How to Choose Dating App Photos That’ll Have Babes Swiping Hell Yes

Evergreen State tech entrepreneur Robbi Katherine Anthony is one of the people hoping to solve the struggles that exist for transgender individuals in the 21st century. AllGo is a review platform created by a queer fat woman where people of size can give and receive information about the comfort and accessibility of public spaces.

Take a look at these five new super queer-friendly dating apps and download the one that most floats your boat. I did a quick interview with the founder of FlirtyQWERTY, a free and feminist emoji app, about desegregating tech, bringing people together, and flipping people off. From task management to mind mapping to white noise, these are the apps you need to help you take over the world!

Sites such as Autostraddle and Curve have online communities in which you can talk Another potential way to meet new girls is dating apps.

Subscriber Account active since. If you’re queer and not a cisgender man, chances are you know the struggle of trying to navigate dating apps. This need is what inspired Kell Rakowki to create Lex , a queer dating app exclusively for lesbian, bisexual, non-binary, trans, genderqueer, intersex, two spirit, asexual, and queer people.

Essentially, everyone but cisgender men. In addition to having no cisgender men on the platform, what sets Lex apart from other dating apps is that it is entirely text-based. Rather than swiping through matches, users write about themselves and what kind of person, relationship, or activity they are looking for — similar to personal ads in the classifieds section of a newspaper. The initial idea for the app came from a popular Instagram account, formerly called Personals it has since changed the name to Lex.

Personals was founded in by Rakowski and posted over 10, personal ads submitted by users since its inception. Whether the nostalgic format appeals to your romantic heart or you’re just looking for a space to meet other queer people, here’s a walkthrough of what it’s like to use Lex. What I liked about Lex in comparison to other dating apps is that I could see myself using it to make meaningful connections, even if they aren’t romantic. While I’ve used Tinder and Hinge to make other queer friends in the past, Lex’s format feels less like shouting into the void because I can see everyone else posting and trying to build community.

Lesbian dating apps autostraddle.

The chat room supports 11 people calling at the same time. The chat room supports the administrat. The chat room is upgraded and supports up to 11 people on mics!

That Autostraddle link is the best thing I’ve ever clicked.

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